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Considering the shaky ground upon which this game is currently standing, I will be posting information about the 'official' Wing Commander RPG as I get it.

This section will also record my attempts at getting Origin, Electronic Arts and Chris Roberts to acknowledge that I have been pursuing them for permission to use their setting as the basis for a roleplaying game system.

April 28, 2002

Solsector, a free hosting service of Wing Commander CIC, has given me hosting for TOWCRPG! I am moving the site to there, and intend to further improve the presentation of the site to be more in keeping with the quality found at wcnews.com (not that I'm saying that my site is crappy or anything, but as I am a professional layout artist, I should really be getting down to some serious design work for the site).

Just as a initial gauge of interest, how many of you that visit this sight (a) play pen-&-paper roleplaying games, (b) have read this site, and (c) have played this game? Email me with any comments… please..?

April 3, 2002
Considering how hard it is to read, and the fact that I've not updated this site for some time, I took the liberty of reversing the base colors, making the text black and the background white. It's a first for the WCRPG site, considering it's previous version was white on a starfield (also hard to see) so I hope this change makes it more likely that you, the reader, will consider playtesting these rules.

Also, semi-regular visitors might be pleased to note that I have finally added images and details for all the fighters for the game, plus information about a few others that aren't commonly seen in the computer game, such as the Sortak and the Asteroid Fighter. Thanks must be made here to www.wcnews.com for their excellent database on the various fighters of the series.

As of yet, nothing from Origin/Electronic Arts… Perhaps as Chris Roberts is now working on a Wing Commander TV series (apparently live-action, as opposed to the earlier Wing Commander Academy, which was an animated series) I should consider approaching his production company?

Wing Commander is a trademark of Origin Inc. No challenge to the ownership and copyright is made or intended.
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