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One upon a time, when I was feeling particularly bored, I looked at a game system that I had created and said to myself “Hey, why don’t I see if I can make a roleplaying game out of Wing Commander?” So I did. This was in 1997.

Now, after some work, and re-re-reformatting, I have decided to move ahead with the Wing Commander RPG. What you are looking at is the web-format version of the game. As I continue to work, both this, and the downloadable .PDF version will be continuously updated as I receive playtesting reports back.

Those in the know will be aware that the URL for this site has (once again) changed. Those lovely people at Wing Commander CIC have accepted TOWCRPG for hosting in their Solsector area. You'll see a button linking this site to their’s at the bottom of this page.

Wing Commander is a trademark of Origin Inc. No challenge to the ownership and copyright is made or intended.
The Original Wing Commander RPG is Copyright 2000, 2002
Michael Coe. All Rights Reserved.

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