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What is Roleplaying Wing Commander

The roleplaying system below is part of a multi-purpose system that I've christened the Quick & Dirty Role Playing System. It uses simple mechanics with skill values derived from attributes. The other games in the series are Afterworld (alternative holocaust fantasy), Way Out West (wild west) and The Altered (superheroes). These will be made available for international playtesting as they are finished.

The underlying mechanics that make up the Quick & Dirty Role Playing System are Copyright 1997 Michael Coe. Wing Commander, Wing Commander II (Vengeance of the Kilrathi), Wing Commander III (Heart of the Tiger) Wing Commander IV (The Price of Freedom) and Wing Commander Prophecy, are trademarks of Origin Systems, Inc. It is not my intention to challenge the rights of ownership of these trademarks.

What is Roleplaying

“Let’s pretend” with rules…

Wing Commander

Wing Commander blasted onto our Amiga’s and PC’s in 1990, the dreamchild of Chris Roberts and Origin Systems Inc.

It stretched the PC’s of the time, mostly fast 286 and 386 Intel machines, to the limits with pace-setting hi-rez graphics, digital sound effects, a reasonable storyline and interactive soundtrack.

For those who have yet to enjoy the Wing Commander experience, the story is set during an intergalactic war between the Terran Confederation and the Kilrathi Empire. The Kilrathi are a race of powerful cat-like humanoids with a love for all forms of war and conflict, and are responsible for starting the war by destroying a Terran survey ship.

There have been several Wing Commander games during the past six years. The original Wing Commander plus two Secret Missions (1990). Wing Commander 2 and it’s two Special Operations missions. Wing Commander Academy – a poorly received game that used a WC1/2 flight engine coupled to a mission editor/generator. Privateer, where you played the part of a small freighter captain trying to make a living during the war. Wing Commander Armada, which gave players the chance to build and control fleets, and finally enabled players to play head-to- head, either over a modem/network link, or in a vertical split-screen view (great fun, but a real pig if you've only got one joystick port…). Wing Commander 3 brought the series into the Pentium age with full-motion video, SVGA graphics and big stars like Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker in Star Wars), Malcolm McDowell (Soran, the nasty chap who killed Captain Kirk in Star Trek Generations) and Griff Rhys-Davies (Plays Indiana Jones’ Arabian friend Salak in all three films, and the professor in Sliders). The series continues beyond the war with Wing Commander 4, involving renegade fighter pilots, pirates and the biggest budget for a computer game at the time: $8,000,000..! Wing Commander Prophecy saw a new enemy introduced to the universe, and 1999 finally saw the release of the Wing Commander movie.

While in the games you played a fighter pilot, in the RPG you have the choice of a few other careers that might give the chance to get behind the controls of a fighter. These will be explained later, but first you should know how to play the game.

Wing Commander is a trademark of Origin Inc. No challenge to the ownership and copyright is made or intended.
The Original Wing Commander RPG is Copyright 2000, 2002 Michael Coe. All Rights Reserved.